BioMedical Dissertation

An Infant Monitoring System Using CO2 Sensors

Analysis of Mutations in Vsx1 Gene in Keratoconus Patients

Anti Tumor Activity of Secondary Metabolites from Streptomyces Setoni

Antimicrobial Studies in Andrographis Paniculata

Application of Stem Cell Therapy in Spinal Cord Injuries

Automated Blood Vessel Segmentation of Retinal Images

Biodegration of Textile Dyes Using Bacteria

Biohydrogen Generation from Anaerobic Sludge

3-D Pharmacophore Modelling

Advanced Patients Monitoring Through CCTV Camera

Biomedical Sleep Inducer

Clinical Application of Stem Cells in Cell Regeneration Therapy

Cloning of Cathepsin B Promoter

Drug Delivery Using Polymer as Nanoparticle

Effect of Mobile Phone Emissivity on Bacterial Cell Cultures

Effect of Nitric Oxide on Acid Inducing Cell Death

Effect of Phenyl Acetic Acid on Penicillin

Electrocardiogram-Assisted Blood Pressure Estimation

High Precise Intravenous Injection Monitoring System

Low Cost Solar ECG with Bluetooth Transmitter

Microphone Array System for Automatic Fall Detection

Mobile Patient Monitoring System

Muscular Bio-Stimulator

Optimization of Rooting Hormones in Banana

Pulse Oximetry in the External Auditory Canal

Real Time Study of Urine Flow Analysis

Red Biotechnology

Study of the Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein

Wearable Object Detection System for the Blind

Zigbee Based Patient Analysing System with WAP





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