Zigbee Based Patient Analysing System with WAP



This project is used to scan the complete parameters of a person in an ICU ward through Zigbee Technology. The name "ZigBee" is derived from the erratic zigging patterns many bees make between flowers when collecting pollen. This is evocative of the invisible webs of connections existing in a fully wireless environment.. ZigBee is the name of a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPANs), such as wireless headphones connecting with cell phones via short-range radio. The technology is intended to be simpler and cheaper than other WPANs, such as Bluetooth. ZigBee is targeted at radio-frequency (RF) applications which require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking.

Project Description

This project is a working model which incorporates sensors to measure all these parameters like Body temperature, Respiratory Temp, Saline Status ECG and Heart Beat rate and transfer it to the computer, so that the patient condition can be analyzed to by doctors in any part of the hospital wherever they are. Thus it reduces doctors work load and also gives more accurate results, wherever there is an abnormality felt by the patient, we have also incorporated saline monitoring system which gives an alarm when the saline bottle about to empty.

More over K-Sheet Automation is automatically done, since all the parameters are completely monitered thro a computer, it can be stored on a database for periodic intervals with respect to the current date and time.

A new system called medicine reminder system is also incorporated in this project. An alarm will be energized, Whenever a particular patient should be given medicines. This can be done for multiple patients also by assigning the intervals for the patient to a database.

An Emergency patient calling switch is also included here.

Whenever the patients finds emergency he needs to press the button on his side, so that the particular patients room number and will be indicated to the doctors room.

There is an Anesthesia injection Module Which is interfaced with the System, can be commanded by the controller to extract the exact amount of anesthetic fluid to the syringe.


  1. Sensors and Transducers
  2. Signal Conditioning Board
  3. PIC Microcontroller Interface Board
  4. Power Supply
  5. Relay, alarm and its Driver Circuits
  6. Anesthesia Injection Module

Advantages of Zigbee Based Patient Analysing System with WAP:

 8 independent analog channels available. (For future Enhancements)

 All the Parameters can be viewed on the Mobile phone

 Annunciation’s systems are included for all this analog inputs

 Heart Beat Rate of the Patient

 Saline status is displayed in the monitor.

 On-line graphics for selectable parameters.

 On-line recording of all process parameters in the interval selectable by the user, which is most useful for future analysis and failure detection






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