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Mingle Box is a marketplace where people who need custom software developed can find coders in a safe and business-friendly environment. Buyers can pick from a pool of registered coders...enabling them to hire a coder across the country or across the globe from the comfort of their computers.

Coders and buyers both can be benefited from this Bidding. Buyers who wish to hire internationally, can take advantage of favorable overseas exchange rates, resulting in work being done for 50-90% less than if the project were done in-country. Coders are also given access to a huge pool of potential work and have the ability to work independently from their homes rather than for a company

Features of the project:

The proposed web application serves the following range of ads.

•  Registration of Coders

•  Registration of Buyers

•  Adding projects for bidding

•  Conduct online bidding

•  Selecting coders through bidding

•  Payments for the completed work by buyers to coders.


The application comprises the following major modules.

•  Administration

•  Coders

•  Buyers


Hard ware Specification :

  • Processor : Intel P-VI based system
  • Processor Speed : 250 MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM : 512MB to 1024 MB
  • Hard Disk : 2GB to 30GB
  • Key Board : 104 keys

Software Specification:

  • Software : Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Language : C# .Net
  • Database : SQL Serve-2005, Oracle-9i
  • Operating System : Windows 2000,XP,2003
  • Web Technologies : HTML, Java Script, ASP.NET











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