Virtual Shopping



This is a an e-commerce online shopping web application which helps you to do the major part of online shopping by using this site and can be managed by online, You (or the Customer) can do the all major transaction in a secured way. Here the customer will feel a virtual shopping by adding the selected product to his cart in addition to that, he can also do bulk addition into the cart before purchasing. To ensure the authentication of the customer, He/She must have to register before proceeding. This is well secured with Session State management. It provides standard features of e-commerce like:

Register (for new users)

Login (Existing users)

View Products by product category

Select products and add them to cart.

Update the product quantities in the cart

View cart contents

Checkout the cart contents for order processing

Edit user profile such as address, contact information and password


Hard ware Specification :

  • Processor : Intel P-VI based system
  • Processor Speed : 250 MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM : 512MB to 1024 MB
  • Hard Disk : 2GB to 30GB
  • Key Board : 104 keys

Software Specification:

  • Software : Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Language : C# .Net
  • Database : SQL Serve-2005, Oracle-9i
  • Operating System : Windows 2000,XP,2003
  • Web Technologies : HTML, Java Script, ASP.NET











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