Master Thesis Topics or Ideas



Internationalization of the Ethnic Food Industry

Financial Contagion in Emerging Markets

Monetary Policy in a Bipolar International Monetary System

The Modern Firm’s International Expansion

Trade Patterns in Europe

Monitoring and Modelling Inflation in China

Monitoring and Market Power in Loan Markets

Importance of Human Capital in Export Performance

Multiple Exchange Rate Systems

The Macroeconomics of Rare Events

Public and Development Economics

Time Inconsistency in the Credit Card Market

Divergences in the Euro Area

Internationalisation of Companies

China as a Regulatory State

Decentralization and Education

Job Flows Dynamics

Responses to Incentives in Public Expenditure Programs

Budgetary Institutions: Theory and Evidence

Informational Frictions and Learning in Emerging Markets

Bank Regulation in Argentina

An Interest Group Theory of Financial Development

Political Influences on Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Essays on the Role of Specific Human Capital

Bioenergy, Pollution, and Economic Growth

Marriage Markets, Differential Fecundity and Search

Comparative Institutional Economics

Employer-Employee Relationships and Firm Performance

Heterogeneity and Input Reallocation

Economics of Education

Corporate Social Responsibility and Nongovernmental Organizations

Contribution of Educated But Unemployed Women to Economy

Performance of Automobile Sector Post Liberalization Regime

Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles Industry

Demand Forecast for XYZ Company

Growth and Determination of Foreign Investment in India

Contribution of IT Sector in Indian Economy

Growth in Indian Banking Sector

Macroeconomic Policy and Analysis

MNREGA: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

U.S. Monopolies : A Glimpse Inside

World Trade Organization - A Critique

The State of the Indian Economy

Growth of Car Industry in India

RBI and Financial Services

Global Economic Crises


The Delhi Metro Project

Lessons from Economic Financial Crises in Recent Times

Supply Chain Finance

Free Trade and Development

India’s Fiscal Deficit and Its Impact on Gross Domestic Product

Production Structure Of Indian Power Sector

Capacity Utilization

Consumer Behaviour for Green Products

Fiscal Policy


Economies Of Scale



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