Voting Machine



Digital integrated circuits have ushered in a new era. Very soon nearly all gadgets will be controlled by these wonder chips. So why should the ballot box be spared ?

The Machine

The salient features of this machine are :-

a) There is a control unit which is used by the polling booth in-charge for enabling the voting machine. This can be compared to the issuance of a ballot paper to a voter after his credentials have been verified in the existing system.

b) The electoral symbols and names of the candidates are printed in rectangular spaces on the voting unit. The desired candidate is selected by pressing a switch.

c) For the benefit of the polling booth in-charge, total votes polled during the day are displayed continuously.

d) Results are retrieved by operating a 'result enable' switch. To ensure that result are not known during the voting period the 'result enable' switch is operated by the presiding officer. The biggest advantage of the electronic voting machine is that the results are available immediately at the end of the voting period.

e) Last but not the least the machine has been designed in such a way that multiple voting is not possible. Once the machine is enabled only one vote can be cast.






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