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Competition, being an important market force needs to be tracked, analyzed & preempted. Market leader always have a system to help them preempt any competitive moves. For this, it is not just important to know competitor by name, but also critical to understand it s major strength & weaknesses. A competitor s strength may be its marketing systems, aggressive sales force, and its relationship with major external environmental variables like government & financial institute or a financial resources base. For the effective competitive analysis only strength & weaknesses are not sufficient we need to consider other key factors like market share of the company & 7p s of service marketing i.e.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Process
  • Physical evidence
  • People etc.


The objective of the study was to do the competitive analysis of DP service and broking service provided by SHCIL and its major competitors in Nagpur region on the basis of 7p s of service marketing.

The study was conducted to measure the customer satisfaction level of SHCIL. Study was focuses on clients within Nagpur region.

SHCIL provides many products and services but we focused our study on DP services and Broking services only. Outcome of the analysis shows that though SHCIL is on the top position as a market share in Nagpuri region, but SHCIL is still behind in many more factors and they need to improve those factors. Some recommendations are given to improve.

Objective of project titled Comparative Study of DP & Broking Services in Nagpur Region with SHCIL is...

  • Study of DP and Broking services of SHCIL & its competitors.
  • To measure the customer satisfaction level.
  • To know the market of Nagpur region for capital market.
  • To develop the essentials of marketing in myself.

Stock Holding Corporation of India ltd (SHCIL) was incorporated under the companies Act, 1956 on July 28, 1986 at the initiative of the Government of India, with an authorized capital of Rs.25 cores and a paid up captal of Rs.10.5 cores, subscribed by seven All India financial and investment institutions and insurance companies, viz.

  • Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)
  • Unit Trust of India (UTI)
  • Life insurance corporation of India (LIC)
  • ICICI Ltd
  • Industrial finance corporation of India Ltd (IFCI)
  • Industrial Investment Bank of India (IIBI)
  • General Insurance corporation of India and its subsidiaries, viz.
  • Oriental insurance co ltd
  • New India insurance co ltd
  • National insurance co ltd
  • United India insurance co ltd.

SHCIL was incorporated as a public limited company on July 28, 1986 and provides custodial services to institutional investors and depository services to retail investors. SHCIL commenced operations in August 1988 and has been providing
custodial and related services of international standards for nearly a decade to the promoter and other institutions, foreign institutional investors (FIIs), commercial banks and mutual funds. Other auxiliary services provided by SHCIL include derivatives clearing, PF fund accounting, SGL constituent account services and distribution of mutual funds and other capital market instruments, besides distribution of life and non-life insurance policies.


Why customer would choose SHCIL as a preferred Service Provider?

Well integrated front and back office, paper and electronic systems. A focused Client Relation Team to manage your needs & queries. A single point contact for your comfort.

In-house capability to address all IT needs in terms of software development, maintenance, back office processing, database administration, network maintenance, backups and disaster recovery

Multilevel security is maintained in software, applications and guards to access to various data, client and internal reports
Expertise in running processes utilizing digital signatures.

Regular Audits internal and external, by SEBI, Depositories, Clients and compliance to rules and regulations

Constant review and benchmarking of processes to ensure adherence to global best practices

Insurance cover with international re-insurance

Full Confidentiality of business operations

The corporation has always been striving to direct its product and services for the all round benefit of the investors or the end-users. Making available more and more financial services under one roof has always been a priority while safety and investor friendliness have been the hallmark of SHCIL products and services. SHCIL orient its various products and services to be more and more customer oriented to result in quantum benefits with safety of operations to its clients in all the segments.

Products and services offered by SHCIL for the retail segment can be broadly divided into four categories, viz., the plain vanilla depository service, securities related products, distribution products and auxiliary services. Since 1998, SHCIL has been extending depository related services to the retail segment. The services offered SHCIL include account opening, dematerialization and dematerialization of securities, transaction processing and creation/closure of pledge. Securities related products offered by SHCIL include Stock Direct & Equibuy. The corporation distributes Mutual Funds Equities / Debt IPO s , Government of India saving and fixed deposits of institutions, Life & non-Life insurance product and loan against dematerialized shares. Other auxiliary

Reference :

Marketing management by Philip Kotler
Marketing management by Saxena.
Annual report of the company.






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