E-Logistics For Warehouse Management



With E-Logistics, a call-off is automatically sent to a transport provider. The calloff is sent directly from the supplier's ERP system to the carrier, including all automatically generated transport documents. This makes the transport procedure more efficient, transparent and customer-friendly, and keeps the customer permanently informed of the expected time of arrival and the necessary details.

Logistics based Warehouse Management solutions enable the organization to achieve dramatic results by implementing a complete integrated solution or target key operational opportunities with a modular approach. Either way, the organization will benefit from seamless integration with the respective solutions as well as with material handling, logistics, transportation, equipment and legacy and enterprise systems.

To streamline the entire organization’s entire supply chain, there is a need to implement a LOGISTICS based Warehouse Management solutions in conjunction with the other components of the transportation manager for source-toconsumption execution and optimization.


The proposed system’s fundamental objective is that to design a software system, for operating on the logistics approach to
implement an efficient warehouse management, to optimize the facilities, enhance efficiency and thereby increase productivity.


  • Processor - PIII or higher processor
    RAM- 128 MB or higher
    HDD- 40 GB or higher
    FDD- 1.44 MB
    Keyboard / Mouse / ATX Cabinet


  1. E-logistics helps in Customer Relationship Management
  2. Logistics Planning provides Seamless Supply Chain Integration
  3. E-logistics in enhancing Production Capacity
  4. Results in sourcing Multiple ORDERS items from Multiple Supplies and Consolidation
  5. Helps in Order Scheduling, Tracking, Inventory Fulfillment, Invoicing
  6. Web-based technology which gives In-transit Visibility and Exception Notification
  7. Warehouse, Storage, and Distribution Services
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Enhances and improves the Order Fulfillment Pick, Pack and Ship Operations
  10. View updated route schedules automatically to see if a driver is ahead/behind on their route
  11. Track planned route hours and miles against actual hours and miles to see driver/crew performance
  12. See a breadcrumb trail of a driver's route overlaid onto a map to see where a truck has been
  13. Poll a truck to see exactly where it is currently located






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