Ecommerce Storefront Application



Today, the revolution in technology is posing lots of challenges for businesses while also offering huge advantages. Businesses, more than ever, need to be efficient and cost effective reaching global customers but overcoming any complications in Communication, Research & Development, Procurement, Logistics & Order fulfillment, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain etc. Hence the need of the time is for enterprises to be proactive in innovating, becoming more efficient, reducing costs, providing customers with better user experience value and service building customer relationships.

In this project, we are going to build an e-commerce system integrating latest technologies to real-world development scenarios as much as possible, by setting up a full-fledged Online Shoe Storefront for a fictious company named Soccus in the footwear business. The main objective of doing this project on not only how to build a solid ecommerce infrastructure but also the actual business aspects of the system. Solution: E-commerce solution is a development model for all businesses from SMEs to Large enterprises selling products and services online. The model is envisaged to extend Internet advantage and enabling E-commerce capabilities in progressive stages to a full-fledged site for business.






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