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The technical and the commercial scope involved in developing and implementing the project “Matrimonial Website” can be discussed using this abstract. This project aims at creating a full-fledged website for Matrimony. It basically involves viewing the details of the bride, bridegroom or both. The user can just browse through the site and can post or submit his/her details by registering himself as a valid User.

The dissertation is divided into two sections:

  • USER

The Users of the site can browse or look for details for a mach, for the bride or bridegroom. There are two types of users as one would normally have in any website. The first is the casual or unregistered user who can only look for details that matches the individual’s criteria. These users can also make use of the search option that has been provided. The other type is the registered user who can avail every option of the casual user and also has the option of posting or submitting his/her own details. But, before posting the details, the user has to register with the site.

Upon registering and becoming a valid user of the site, the user will be given a username and password wherein, he/she could change the details or add more details to it. The administrator on the other hand has to check every registered user, as a valid user and is also responsible for the overall maintenance of the site. It involves validation of records, removal of redundant entries, username uniqueness checking, setting a time period for expiry of user details and check for expiry.


The problem definition is simply a statement in narrow terms, of what the problem is and defines the nature of the current system in terms of the whole problem that has to be solved by the outcome of the project. Those project has been prepared with the intent of creating a full-fledged website for matrimony. The organization currently does not have any on-line site for such a system, where users can enjoy submitting the details of the bride or bridegroom for a match.

The client system does hold a system where in every request is fed by the person in charge, to whom it is mailed. The listings of all the user details as requested by the user is automatically generated by the system itself and given to the user. The equirement statement needed by the client organization, concentrates on the need of a portal which deals with maintenance and holding a database for bride, groom and not for match making. Such a system requires heavy administration facilities and an attractive user-interface for site browsing.

The problem statement can be simply as the need to create and maintain a website for matrimonial purposes. The above-mentioned statement is just an epitome of the whole project. Through the details look simple enough, there would be a study of the client’s requisites for this project. The requirement study for the system analysis phase requires the comprehension of ‘what’ the client organization needed, than ‘how’ it has to be achieved.






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