Online Airline Ticket Reservation System



The main aim of the dissertation was to develop a website which would facilitate the reservation of online air tickets through an effective and yet simple GUI for a normal passenger intending to travel in airways. Apart from reserving tickets, through our system a passenger can compare online fares 'from' various cities 'to' various cities.


The project is basically targeted at those people who would like to travel through air and have an Internet access.

  1. As we will be making our site WAP - enabled, this will facilitate our site to accept requests from other alternative devices like PDA's and WAP-enabled browsers. Apart from the above category of audience, passengers using hand-held devices will be our second major category of audience.
  2. Finally passengers curious in comparing the prices for various Airlines for their selected source and destination cities form our third category of audience.


1.Dynamic Bandwidth Calculation:

We dynamically calculate the user's bandwidth and redirect him to either to the Graphical Version or to the Text-Version based on the client's bandwidth.


We are providing a cool map of our entire site for easy access of our pages. Sitemap includes all the links in all the pages in our site categorized based on the functionality of the pages.

3.Flash Images of Flights:

We created flight detail images and used Flash to integrate them and show the user the seating arrangement of the flight. The user can know about the details of the seating arrangement, emergency exit doors and lavatory details before entering the flight.

4.Airport Layouts:

We are showing the airport layouts so that the user can know the airline counter details prior to his arrival at the airport. He can directly go to the counter concerned to collect his travel tickets.

5.Points Based System:

We are giving discounts to the regular customers shopping on our site based on points he achieved. One percent of discount is given on present transaction for each $1000 previous transaction amount with a maximum of 20 percent. This will attract regular travelers to use our site instead of others.

•  Tomcat Server

•  Tomcat is enterprise class, robust web server which comes bundled with JavaServlets and JSP that provides a java application server environment

•  One of the other major issues why we chose Tomcat was Scalability. Presently Java is our core technology used for portability and in future if we want to make our site be reachable to users using Microsoft products we would be having no conflicts between the servers because Tomcat can be deployed as either a standalone product with its own internal Web server or in conjunction with several other Web servers, including

  • Netscape Enterprise Server.
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server.
  • Microsoft Personal Web Server






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