Policy Management System



Insurance is a contract for payment of a sum of money to the person assured on the happening of the event insured against. Usually the contract provides for the payment of an amount on the date of maturity or at specified dates at periodic intervals or at unfortunate death, if it occurs earlier. Among other things, the contract also provides for the payment of premium periodically to the Corporation by the assured. Insurance is universally acknowledged to be an institution which eliminates `risk', substituting certainty for uncertainty and comes to the timely aid of the family in the unfortunate event of death of the breadwinner.

This software provides five types of Insurance services, which includes Life Insurance, medical Insurance, Motor Insurance. Home Insurance, Travel Insurance.
Presently this project follows Internet mode i.e. the details can be viewed and updated by the officials of the company.

Online Insurance Service has the following features:-

1.A User can view the details of various policies and schemes offered by the Insurance Company.
2.New Users can register with the site so that he can get information online.
3.An existing policyholder can view his policy details and calculate the premium.
4.The web site provides information about the new strategies and subsidiary
schemes of the company.
5.Provides loan facility for policyholders and online payments.

This software is developed in ASP.Net using C# as front end and MS SQL server 2000 as backend on Windows 2000 platform






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